Seán Ó Séaghdha

Fillon as Thatcher (Libération)

A quick look at some of the policies of the remaining two candidates in the primary for Les Républicains, the mainstream French party of the right. François Fillon, former Prime Minister under President Nicolas Sarkozy has a convincing lead having won 44% of the vote in the first round compared to Alain Juppé’s 28%. Sarkozy, who came third with 20%, has put his support behind Fillon, so he seems likely to win. The comparisons to Margaret Thatcher are already appearing from multiple sources, but I’m not sure he can match the Iron Lady for bloody-minded, deeply ideological, sweeping “reform”.




Budget cuts €110 billion €110 billion
Public service reduction 250,000 500,000
Change to 35 hour week
(employers choice, no negotiation required)
39 hours 48 hours
Retirement age 67 67
Homosexual marriage No change No change
Homosexual adoption No change “Review of the rules”
Family Allowance No change Re-establish same level for everyone
(i.e. no income test)
Russia Cautious because of “Putin’s support for Bashar Al-Assad” Normalise relations

Fillon as Thatcher (France 2)