Seán Ó Séaghdha

Facebook telling me how I can become friends with a toilet brush
Potty mouthed man
Caca man

The other day on the French News there was a story about a plan by the City of Paris to build housing for the homeless at the edge of the Bois de Boulogne which rather upset residents of the chic, not to say filthy rich, 16th Arrondissement. City officials convened a meeting to talk it all out, but it was a complete shambles consisting of mostly shouting from the audience. It was quite something to see an apparently respectable man-of-a-certain-age calling one of the facilitators « salope* »  but it was even stranger when he called out « brosse à caca » — “poo brush” to put it politely. This was subtitled so it wasn’t just my ears playing tricks. I’ve not found this particular terminology anywhere but I suppose it’s either a childish or silly name for a toilet brush (balayette pour toilette, brosse à toilettes or more familiarly balai à chiottes).

In my searching though, Facebook helpfully contributed the result above assuring me that all I had to do to communicate with Toilet Brush was to log in.

* « Le terrain est inconstructible, salope! » (“The land can’t be built upon, bitch!”)