Seán Ó Séaghdha

Some resources for the new 1.7.2 world.

Keyboard shortcuts

While we’re waiting for CraftBukkit to update we have no plugins, which is a little tedious. To save typing I’ve made an AutoHotkey script and compiled it (so you don’t need AutoHotkey). We can add to it as needed (e.g. teleport locations).

Just unzip it somewhere and run Newt.exe. The shortcuts (see NewtCommands.txt) should only be active in a windows titled Minecraft.

Tectonicus Map

Uploading this is slow and tedious so I might not update it very often. I’ve no idea how it will run from this server, but it’s likely to do better on your own computer.

  • Download (282 MB zip file)
    Unzip into a folder somewhere and open map.html in your browser.  Oops, map.html was symlinked and didn’t get included in the zip - right-click on the View link below and save that version if your is zero-sized.
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