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Alex Saint & friends

Ireland’s Eurosong 2015 decision is coming up this Friday and it’s not all pain. I just hope they don’t go with Charlie McGettigan’s dirge on the basis of his 1994 win with that piece of sentimental reflux Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids.


Alex Saint

“She's So Fine”

Not revolutionary but not the most clichéd choice either

Tony Adams-Rosa

Kat Mahon

“Anybody Got a Shoulder”

I have many objections to this song, but one I feel I have to mention is the English. This sounds like one of those Eastern European entries where you forgive them their weird phrasing. I’m sorry Charlie, but you do not “cry a shoulder”. That’s not English.

Charlie McGettigan

Erika Selin

“Break Me Up”

Unfresh from her failure to win Swedish Idol 2009, and Melodifestivalen 2010 (or at least the failure of her song-she didn’t sing it), Erika launches a highly-calculated melodic missile packed with all the current Euroclichés at an unsuspecting Irish public. It even contains a GKC (gratuitous key change) for tradition’s sake.

Gustav Eurén, Niclas Arn, Dan Attlerud

Nikki Kavanagh


Starts with a yodel, which should be crime enough, but goes on to just sound shouty. This isn’t Nikki’s first offence. She also sang with the 1993 winner Niamh Kavanagh (relation?) in her entry at Oslo in 2010.

Lee Anna James, Elena Moroșanu, Simon Gribbe, Johnny Sanchez, Dimitri Stassos

Molly Sterling

“Playing with Numbers”

I don’t hate it

Molly Sterling, Greg French