Seán Ó Séaghdha

Two tree sparrows (Passer montanus) fight under overhanging millet

Sometimes the French are least comprehensible when they’re using English words.

Plastic bags are soon to be outlawed (at least in supermarkets) so the news did a piece on the alternatives: paper, cloth & biodegradable potato-plastic. At first I thought they were saying that paper bags were to be used for purchases en dry. Dry goods perhaps? No, ‘dry’ is not a word they’d borrow. Actually what they said was…

“… ces sacs servira pour les achats en drive.
“… c’est important* pour une enseigne de drive comme… pour un fast-food.”

“… these bags will be used for drive-through purchases.”
“… it’s important* for a drive-through store as… for a fast food (outlet).”

What I think they’re referring to (and the Carrefour logo on the bags was a big give-away) is a newish service in France where you order your groceries online then drive through and have their flunkies load them into your car.

* i.e. a paper bag’s ability to stand by itself