There seems to already be a move afoot among the more righteous and puritanical of the Anglo-Saxon left to suggest that using the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie (sometimes spellchecked into #JesusIsCharlie !) will mark you out as a support of racism, sexism and homophobia. While it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, the satirical mag Charlie Hebdo takes aim at many targets and I find such simplistic denunciations a bit hard to credit. But what the murders have produced is a lot of cartoons in response so I thought I’d focus on that rather than on whether Charlie Hebdo is worthy of sympathy.

Chappatte (New York Times)

Chappatte (Le Temps)
Mort de rire or mdr (“died laughing”) is a French equivalent of LOL.

Dave Brown (The Independent)

Dave Pope (Canberra Times)

Making a reference to the controversial headline that killed Charlie Hebdo’s predecessor Hara-Kiri: « Bal tragique à Colombey : 1 mort » (Tragic ball at Colombey: 1 dead) which referred to the death of General de Gaulle, contrasting it to a fire in a disco the same month that killed 145. Bal = ball, balle = bullet.

Ixène: “Asymmetric War”

Joep Bertrams: “Immortal”

Plantu (Le Monde)