Deep-whelm’d beneath, in vast sepulchral caves,
Oblivion dwells amid unlabell’d graves ;
The storied tomb, the laurell’d bust o’erturns,
And shakes their ashes from the mould’ring urns.—
No vernal zephyr breathes, no sunbeams cheer,
Nor song, nor simper, ever enters here ;
O’er the green floor, and round the dew-damp wall,
The slimy snail, and bloated lizard crawl ;
While on white heaps of intermingled bones
The muse of Melancholy sits and moans ;
Showers her cold tears o’er Beauty’s early wreck,
Spreads her pale arms, and bends her marble neck.

The Temple of Nature; or, The Origin of Society, Canto I
Erasmus Darwin.